Ethics Council

On 25 March 2021, the Ethics Council was appointed at the general meeting of the members of the “Latvian Media Ethics Council”.

The competence of the Ethics Council includes:

  • consideration of complaints submitted by natural and legal persons and the delivery of an opinion on ethical offenses committed by the media;
  • handling complaints from media, media companies, and journalists and issuing an opinion in the event of a violation of the code of ethics, or a restriction on the media’s freedom of expression;
  • expressing an opinion on issues related to the threat or influence of the media, the deterioration of the state of the media sector, and the editorial autonomy or independence, or other circumstances in which the media can pursue its objectives
  • the organisation of public conferences presenting the Ethics Board's expertise, and expert reports on various issues of media ethics, activity and environmental research and survey results.

As of April 2024, the Ethics Council consists of:

  • Vita Dreijere-Smane. Delegated by JSC “DELFI”; 
  • Aivars Pastalnieks. Delegated by Ltd “ŽURNĀLS SANTA”;
  • Skaidrīte Lasmane.  Delegated by Latvian Journalist` Association; 
  • Aleksandrs Mirlins. Delegated by the Association of Press Publishers;
  • Guntars Līcis. Delegated by JCS “Latvijas Mediji”;
  • Anda Rožukalne. Delegated by Ltd “Novadu Ziņas”; Latvijas Radio, Latvian Regional Media Association;
  • Baiba Liepiņa.  Delegated by Latvian Advertising Association;
  • Ingemārs Vekteris. Delegated by Latvian Broadcasting Association;
  • Andrejs Mēters. Delegated by Ltd “All Media Latvia”.

The Chairman of the Ethics Council is Andrejs Mēters; Deputy Chairman – Aivars Pastalnieks.

Decisions of the Ethics Council are available in the section Ethics Council`s decisions  (in Latvian).

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