Statutes of the Association

The general principles of the activity of the Latvian Media Ethics Council are written down in the Associations` statutes. The statutes establish the objectives of the association, and identify the procedure of acceptance of members, as well as their rights and duties. The statutes also define the main principles of the Ethics Council, and outline the competence of the Board of the association, as well as the associations financing order.

Statutes (27.02.2019)

Code of Ethics

The associations’ activities are based on a comprehensive code of media ethics that protects media values such as freedom of expression, diversity of information and views, editorial independence, media credibility, autonomy, journalist rights, integrity (objectivity), and human rights, especially the rights of children and minors. The code also protects equality and the prohibition of discrimination, educating the audience, a mutual trust between the media and the audience.

Code of Ethics (27.02.2019)

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