Complaint submitting form

Latvian Media Ethics Council's code of ethics supervisory authority - Ethics Council - reviews complaints submitted by natural and legal persons concerning ethical offenses committed by the media, as well as complaints from media companies and journalists about alleged ethical violations in the case of restrictions on media or freedom of expression. According to paragraph 5. of the Code of ethics, the victims of a result of the violation of the Ethics code have the right to refer a complaint to the Ethics Council. If you want to inform the Ethics Council about an unethical media conduct that does not directly affect your rights, please fill out the form available in the section “Give an opinion!”.

You can file a complaint about the offenses mentioned above in this form or by sending it to the registered office of the association. Contact details for the association are available in section Contacts.

If the infringement in the complaint is attested by documents or other evidence of infringement is recorded in a file, we invite you to upload it in the free of charge available file exchange sites (e.g., including a link to uploaded files in the complaint text.

In accordance with point 6.1 of the Statutes of the association, the initial assessment of the complaint has to be done by the Board of the association, taking upon one of the following decisions:

  1. On the acceptance and referral of a complaint to the Ethics Council;
  2. Rejecting a complaint if its content does not fall within the competence of the Ethics Council;
  3. Request additional information necessary for the initial assessment of the complaint.

In the case when the Ethics Council determines a violation of the Code of ethics, and the violation is made by the member of the association, the Ethics Council is entitled to impose an obligation on the guilty party to admit his or her error and withdraw the public information and apologize.